Incorporating Fitness Into Your Travels post

Let’s suppose you’ve just started working out again. You struggled to get back into the swing of things, but you’ve finally set up a routine you’re determined to keep up with. Now, let’s also suppose you’ve planned a vacation. Maybe you’re off to someplace tropical, Latin America perhaps. The challenge then becomes, how do you travel without losing momentum? In the world of fitness, a day off can easily turn into a week off and then a month off. The key is to incorporate fitness into your travels, in order to maintain a routine. Doing so is simple.
1. If you’re taking an all-inclusive cruise or staying at an all-inclusive resort, buffets are common. Eat what you want, but be mindful of portions. Snack every two hours, as opposed to eating an exceedingly big meal. You’ll feel energetic throughout the day.
2. Visiting the resort or cruise’s gym may not be appealing. There are turquoise water and sunny skies tempting you outside. If the gym is your preferred way of getting in a workout, go for it, but otherwise, consider going for an early morning run. You’ll take in the sights, get to know your surroundings and more importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to submerge yourself in your environment.
3. Go on excursions! Swimming lessons, for example, are a fun and effective way to get in a workout. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, especially if it gives you the opportunity to stay active.
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